Mista Ajans ve Matbaacılık San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Mista is a design agency+printing company which is based on customers needs.

Mista's designs become as shaped in its own printing factory. Our main principle is; we serve the customer's needs (print-advertising-promotion issues) in one single point and this makes us one step ahead from our competitors.

This princible gives advantages to our customers in two conditions which are; spending less time on design-production period and reducing the costs by working with one company.

We also stick to Just in time production which gives advantages to our companies on storage. In Mista, time and knowledge used in the right direction and it is an essential business discipline.

Our principles
Not sacrificing quality,
No Communication difficulties.
No Delayed delivery.

What We Do;

Creative Solutions for your company, Catalogs, Printed carrier bag,Brochure, Poster, Billboard, Magazine ad, newspaper ad, Flyer, Corporate identity, Logo, Business Card,Letterhead, Envelope, File, Notepad, Books, Packaging.

We also design and manufacture packaging and printed carrier bags for the European companies such as United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands, We export them in a such a short time period.

Yüzyıl Mah. Mas-Sit Matbaacılar Sitesi 5. Cadde C Blok No: 322 Bağcılar/İstanbul 
Tel : 0212 431 65 67 
Fax : 0212 431 65 60
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